Consulting Services Provided

Develop a mentally-healthy organizational climate, culture and service ethic.

First-  The single most powerful thing you can do is to contract for personal, confidential,  counseling for your top staff:  Executives and Professionals seeking help need extra layers of confidentiality. 

Think of it as concierge EAP services for the disciminating client.

One very good reason to do this is the fact that few level A and B professionals are going to go to community mental health treatment, sit in a psychiatrists or psychologist's waiting room, or dare to use the typical Employee Assistance Programs for treatment for their mental health issues or those of their family.

Also, consider this--- private, for-profit insurance companies and will keep records of visits and will demand formal diagnosis be given you that will be a part of the chart they keep on you. Many EAP's work directly with Human Resources Departments and provide aggregated utilization reports for management.   For their latest trick, more and more insurance companies are even demanding copies of progress notes of sessions!!

Skip all that!

Let's talk about a plan for service that is convenient, maximally confidential, and provides an executive-savy licensed clinician as close as the nearest device and a private space. 

Is the care any good?   Take a look at what psychiatric and counseling experts say about me in the ABOUT ME link.  

Second-  The other single most powerful move is to install healthy thinking and behaving in your organzational culture:  Typically we do this with indiviudal coaching of influencers, small group tainings, workshops, and retreats.

Mental Health Workshops: topics have included:  Stress Management, Time Management, Emotional First Aid, Mental Health Awareness and Management, Work Dysfunctions, Work-Life Balance, Unhealthy Habits/Addictions, Substance Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence--understand, these are mental health issues--why not get training from a licensed mental health clinican with actual HR executive experience?

Career Development Skills Workshops: all about building trainee capacity for interpersonal achievement-that is, building relationships to achieve together what cannot be achieved alone.  Special topics have included: Self Leadership, Service Identity, Organizational Communication, Personal Communication, Difficult People,  and Strategic Thinking.

Assessment Workshops:  introduction to and application of world-class assessment tools  that can be used to build skills and enhanbce performance. These includes the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, The Funamental Interpersonal Orientation assessment, and many others. Training for internal use and professional certification. 

(Each workshop is custom-designed for the client, e.g. team-building across vital functions: eg., engineering and development)

Case Consultation: concerning an individual, team, or organization is also a common request---absenteeism, pre-termination consultation, anger problems, odd behavior, substance use, deadlocked conflict, withdrawal, suspected danger to self or other, stalking, etc--let me help you understand your case and options for action. 

Policy development and Training:  Assessment and development of mentally-healthy climate, culture and service ethic. ---everthing from new employee selection-onboarding to strategic use of FMLA/Leave to greivance, discipline and workplace violence policy.  

Previous consulting clients have included:  National Municipal League, Texas City Management Association, Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Cities of Denton, Edinburg, Harlingen, Hillsboro, League City, Mansfield, McAllen, Mineral Wells, Missouri City, South Padre Island, Sugar Land and Weslaco>

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