Forensic and Security Consulting

Forensic Services include Expert Witness Services and Security Counsulting

Service Details

Consulting Services: 

Expert Witness

Threat Assessment and Management:  Personal Security, Stalking, Relationship Violence

Organizational Security,  Workplace violence, Sexual Harrassment, and Substance Abuse


15 Years Mental Health/Personal Safety Consulting for indiviudals and organizations

Certified as expert witness in mental health in two District Courts

Certified as a Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist by the American Association of Forensic Counselors. 

Prior Career History:  

Local Government Executive-ret., MPA, BA - Experienced in litigation and personnel investigations.  Expert skill in community research. Expert knowledge of government operations and records, local law enforcement organization and courts.

Veteran of USAF elite Security Forces, recognized as Class Honor Graduate, USAF Police Academy, selected for advanced law enforcement training by OSI, FBI, and US Customs, duty assignments included off-installation criminal investigations and security matters involving US military and US Embassy personnel in Europe. 


Since leaving military service, he has accumulated over twenty years experience in government positions, the duties of which included special and corporate human resources/investigative responsibilities.  

Mr. LaBeau has continued his training to include:  Legal Research Techniques, Open Records and Public Informations Act, Patriot Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Graham-Leach Bliley Act, Texas Rules of Evidence, Crime Scene Management, Locating Persons, Surveillance, Human Trafficking, Investigations in Mexico, Interviewing and Interrogation of Juveniles, Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigation, Advanced Child Abuse Investigation, Forensics of injuries, Cell Phone Forensics, and Open Source Intelligence Techniques.

He is licensed to carry a handgun and is a certified handgun, firearm safety, personal protection and "Refuse to Be a Victim" instructor, serving as a security consultant, specializing in helping relationship abuse victims protect and empower themselves.

As a fully-licensed mental health professional, he has diagnosed and treated hundreds of criminal offenders and suspects in the area of relationship abuse and criminality. He has advanced training in forensic detection of child abuse and in the area of human sexuality, its normaltive and non-normative expressions,  related problems and their resolution, including the problem of relationship other-attraction and infidelity.  

Additionally his 20 years investigating and managing administrative and legal personnel issues at an executive level, working  behind closed doors with top government executives and attorneys has resulted in Expert Knowledge regarding Public Records and Documents, and Government/ Public Administrative / Code and Police operations and processes

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