Mental Health: 

Joseph D. LaBeau, LPC has been certified as a mental health expert witness in District Courts, having worked as a paid expert for the District Attorney for Cameron County and as both a fact and expert witness by criminal and civil lawyers in the District Court.

He is Board Certified by the National Association of Forensic Counselors as a Clinically Certified Criminal Justice Forensic Counselor.

Mr. LaBeau is also owner, chief investigator and representative of a licensed (A18864701) private investigation agency, specializing in mental-health related investigations.  In this capacity, Mr. LaBeau uses his former law enforcement experience in combination with highly-developed clinical obseravation, interviewing and forensic skills to expertly answer important legal and safety questions.   

Services include helping parents, spouses, family members, courts, and organizations:

  • Investigate the location, activities, status, wellness. character and competence of individuals of MH concern.
  • Investigate, and assess dangerouness to self or others of person of concern.
  • Consultation, guidance, case-management, and support of person attempting to escape a dangerous person or relationship
  • Investigate abuse, neglect, or injury of a mentally distressed/disabled person. 
  • Assisting in effecting Mental Health warrants and commitments of disturbed and dangerous persons
  • Consultation, case-managment, observation and monitoring of an indiviudal at risk for suicide. (e.g. in-lieu of hospitalization)
  • Post Suicide: Psychological Autopsy- using scientific, best evidence to answer the question "why?"


Mr. LaBeau priovides specialized management consulting services, aimed at investigating complaints and resolving team and personnel issues presented to CEO's and HR Directors.  Mr. LaBeau has experience providing such services as a consultant to eleven Texas city government organizations. 

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